Coaching and Mentoring

We would not be where we are today without investing a significant amount of time and money into our development.  This is involved numerous property courses from 1-day introduction type courses through to a comprehensive 12-month program.

As a result, we have learnt many valuable strategies and lessons and benefitted from sharing our learnings with many other like-minded individuals.  In fact, the opportunity to learn and grow with others is one of the greatest rewards of the journey.

However, the courses in themselves would not have been enough to ensure our success.  Without individual, 1-1, coaching and mentoring we would still be trying to put the pieces together and, crucially, trying to develop a winning mindset.

We were so grateful for the benefits we derived from coaching and mentoring that we have now been through all the training required to be a coach and mentor and we are now giving back to the next generation of property entrepreneurs.

The funny thing is that whilst the subject matter is property, the sessions work just as well regardless of the topic.  In our experience, the primary blockage to success is mindset and the ability to get out of your own way.

If you’re interested in getting some coaching or mentoring then get in touch for a chat.