Mastermind Local

What is Mastermind Local?
What would you be able to achieve if you had all of the specialist knowledge, mindset and support from the Property Mastermind Programme in your local area?

The Property Mastermind Programme has been running since 2007. In this time we have supported just over 1,000 investors to become professional property investors, with the goal of helping them to achieve a £1,000,000 property portfolio and gaining a £50,000 passive income after all expenses.

Once a month for 10 months, these investors have travelled from all over the UK (and overseas) to join us in Birmingham to experience our unique support environment. However, over the years we have received numerous requests to run the Property Mastermind Programme in other locations, which is why we have created Property Mastermind Local (MM Local).

MM Local gives you the main benefits of being on the 12-month Property Mastermind Programme, without having to travel to Birmingham each month. You still gain all of the specialist knowledge from 10 workshops but in your local area, with a smaller focused group of between 8 and 11 other local investors to help support you.

You will have your own personal 1:2:1 Mastermind coach who will support you with two monthly coaching calls, and the opportunity to attend two National events where you will be able to connect and network with all the other Mastermind Local delegates from around the UK.

All of this is available to you at a lower investment than the main Mastermind Programme in Birmingham. So why learn the hard way by yourself, when you can achieve far more by using our proven step by step method to successful investing?


The 6 Main Elements of Property Mastermind Local

1: 10 Advanced Masterclasses
There will be 10 advanced Masterclasses spread over 12 months, we do not hold any in August and December. They will be held in the same venue each month on either a Saturday or a Sunday depending on which location you choose. These Masterclasses will be delivered by an MM Local Facilitator, who are all successful Mastermind Graduates and have been personally hand picked & trained by Simon Zutshi, founder.

Each month you will thrive off the support, encouragement, help and accountability provided by your fellow Mastermind members and facilitator. The groups are limited to 8-11 local investors.

2: Property Mastermind Forum
In between the 10 advanced workshops we have a 24/7 online support forum which now has over 40,000 posts! The majority of Mastermind Graduates feel that this is the most valuable asset because it is such a reference library of anything you want to know about property. If in the rare instance you have a question that has not already been answered, then submit a post and wait for one of the 500 Masterminders and Graduates to respond with the answer.

The spirit of Mastermind is you are not on your own you have 24/7 access to this incredible supportive network of like-minded people, who want you to be successful because they recognize that everyone succeeds together. Say you have found a deal but you are not quite sure if it stacks up – imagine if you had a large committee to run it through with, all who have different levels of experience and specialties, investors who could save you from buying a lemon and saving you thousands of pounds. This is the power of the Mastermind Forum.

3: 1:2:1 Coaching twice a month
The one thing that successful people all have in common, is that at some point they have all had coaches and mentors to help them get where they are and stay at the top of their field.

A great coach will be able to help you in any area of your life without the need of any specialized knowledge as they should not be telling you what to do!
Instead they help you by: asking great questions to help you find the answers yourself; help you focus to keep on track; and hold you to account to make sure you do what you have committed to do.

All of our coaches and mentors are experienced property investors who have successfully completed the Property Mastermind Programme and have been hand picked by Simon Zutshi for their property investing knowledge. They have then been trained in coaching skills by one of the top executive coach trainers in the UK.

You will get your own personal coach during the 12 months to help support you, hold you to account and make sure you are getting the most out of Mastermind. You will get two 30 minute coaching calls per month.

4: pin Meeting Annual Membership
The property investors network was established in 2003, and is the longest running and largest network designed to provide a positive, friendly and supportive environment. If you want to be more successful in any business, it is a great idea to network with other people in the same industry, so that you can share ideas, contacts and keep up to date with changes in the industry. Millions of pounds of joint ventures have been created through the networking at pin events.

By regularly attending the pin monthly meetings you will:

• Add to your existing property investing knowledge and skills
• Save yourself, time, money and effort by learning from the experts
• Develop your property millionaire’s mindset
• Build up your personal contacts in the property world
• Gain access to a positive supportive environment
• Keep up to date with changes in the market and legislation

We hold 50+ meetings around the UK and you will have unlimited access to these during the programme.

5: pin Academy Annual Membership
As a member of pin academy you can benefit from:

Member Only Forum & Facebook closed Group – Access the collective knowledge and contracts from over 1000 other members. Connect, share and learn in this safe online community!

Monthly “Inner Circle Investor Audio CD – Feed your mind with positivity each month with a new audio CD full of content from Simon Zutshi and interviews with pin hosts and other successful property investors.

Online Video Training Suite – Access online video training from some of our one day seminars . Key strategies including, BMV purchasing, Purchase Lease Options and House of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s).

Monthly webinars and replays – Each month we run a number of different webinars, some of which are exclusive to pin Academy members. If you can’t join us for the live webinars, you can benefit from watching the webinar replays whenever you want and access our extensive back catalogue.

Complimentary access to pin meetings – There are now 51 pin meetings each month (apart from August and December). You can gain complimentary access to as many of these meetings as you want each month as a pin academy member.

6: Online Course Content
During the programme we will release bonus online content as an addition to your monthly workshops. These will include Creative Finance, HMOs and Property Options.

Creative Finance Masterclass – The Creative Finance Masterclass is a comprehensive online training program that shows you how to safely use other people’s money to build your property portfolio using successful joint ventures or private lenders! The content is delivered in 9 Full Online Modules of video training.

HMO Bootcamp – The HMO Bootcamp is a comprehensive online training programme that shows you how you can replace your income with just a handful of HMO properties in less than 12 months! You can learn at your own pace, learning property strategies that can grow your personal wealth, year after year for the rest of your life. The content is delivered in 6 modules Options Introduction, Negotiating The Option, Lease Options, Working With Estate Agents, HMO’s and Rent To Rent, The Options Flowchart and Legal Considerations, Joint Ventures, Packaging Deals, Holiday Homes, Questions and Answers, Flow Chart Summary and Final Questions.

Property Options Bootcamp – The Property Options Bootcamp is a comprehensive online training programme that shows you exactly how purchase lease options are used to build a portfolio and generate positive cash flow!