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Coaching and Mentoring

We would not be where we are today without investing a significant amount of time and money into our development.  This is involved numerous property courses from 1-day introduction type courses through to a comprehensive 12-month program.

As a result, we have learnt many valuable strategies and lessons and benefitted from sharing our learnings with many other like-minded individuals.  In fact, the opportunity to learn and grow with others is one of the greatest rewards of the journey.

However, the courses in themselves would not have been enough to ensure our success.  Without individual, 1-1, coaching and mentoring we would still be trying to put the pieces together and, crucially, trying to develop a winning mindset.

We were so grateful for the benefits we derived from coaching and mentoring that we have now been through all the training required to be a coach and mentor and we are now giving back to the next generation of property entrepreneurs.

The funny thing is that whilst the subject matter is property, the sessions work just as well regardless of the topic.  In our experience, the primary blockage to success is mindset and the ability to get out of your own way.

If you’re interested in getting some coaching or mentoring then get in touch for a chat.

Swansea – Property Investors Network (pin)

What is pin?

Since 2003, the property investors network has provided a positive, inspirational and supportive environment in which you can learn how to become a more successful property investor. There are now 50 monthly meetings all over the UK, one of these being in Swansea.

We don’t sell property. We just teach people how to be more successful investors. How to invest with knowledge, and invest with skill, to minimise the risks and maximise their return.
There is something for everyone at the pin networking meetings no matter what your level of property investing experience. From research we conducted in July 2013, from 879 investors at 33 of our meeting locations, we found that 30% of our meeting attendees had zero investment properties and 20% of attended had 8 or more investment properties. 30% had 1 to 3 properties and 20% had 4 to 7 properties.

How can our networking meetings benefit you? By regularly attending you will:

  • Add to your existing property investing knowledge and skills
  • Save yourself, time, money and effort by learning from other investors / landlords.
  • Build up your personal contacts in the property world
  • Gain access to a positive supportive environment
  • Keep up to date with changes in the market and legislation

Mastermind Local

What is Mastermind Local

What would you be able to achieve if you had all of the specialist knowledge, mindset and support from the Property Mastermind Programme in your local area?

The Property Mastermind Programme has been running since 2007. In this time we have supported just over 1,000 investors to become professional property investors, with the goal of helping them to achieve a £1,000,000 property portfolio and gaining a £50,000 passive income after all expenses.

Once a month for 10 months, these investors have travelled from all over the UK (and overseas) to join us in Birmingham to experience our unique support environment. However, over the years we have received numerous requests to run the Property Mastermind Programme in other locations, which is why we have created Property Mastermind Local (MM Local).

MM Local gives you the main benefits of being on the 12-month Property Mastermind Programme, without having to travel to Birmingham each month. You still gain all of the specialist knowledge from 10 workshops but in your local area, with a smaller focused group of between 8 and 11 other local investors to help support you.

You will have your own personal 1:2:1 Mastermind coach who will support you with two monthly coaching calls, and the opportunity to attend two National events where you will be able to connect and network with all the other Mastermind Local delegates from around the UK.

All of this is available to you at a lower investment than the main Mastermind Programme in Birmingham. So why learn the hard way by yourself, when you can achieve far more by using our proven step by step method to successful investing?

Recent Projects

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